Christ Life Center


Maranatha Revival Fellowship - Chennai, India

  Christ Life Center supports the ministry of Maranatha Revival
of Chennai, India pastored by Rev. Vincent Jesudian
  and his wife Dr. Rebecca Vincent.

  The aim of this ministry is to bring the good news of Jesus
  Christ to people who have never heard the gospel particularly in
  rural areas.  Hinduism is the dominant religion of India with only
  three percent Christian.

  The ministry of Maranatha Revival Fellowship includes
  distribution of clothing, free gospel literature and Bibles in the local
  languages of the villages.  They show Christian films, conduct free
  medical camps, and hold healing crusades in the most poverty
  stricken and dangerous areas of India.  They are witnessing the sick
  being healed and delivered and people's lives being changed by the
  power of Jesus Christ.

Amazing Healing in Chennai, India

  In this video, a woman's arm is healed at a healing
  seminar conducted by Dr. Rick Patterson in Chennai, India.
  This elderly woman broke her arm as a child and because it
  was never set properly, had a large bulge on her forearm.

  The calcified knot disappeared as Dr. Patterson laid
  hands on her arm, sending in healing energy.  This video
  starts immediately after the knot dissolved.  You will see
  the arm as it bends where the break was.  The arm bends
  several times at mid arm and as he continues to send in
  energy the arm calcifies and sets. Her arm healed in a
  straight correct position.

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