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New Missions- Changing Haiti and the Dominican Republic

  New Missions was established in 1983
  when George and Jeanne DeTellis left the
  United States after 25 years of pastoring to
  pioneer New Missions in Haiti on the island
  of Hispaniola.  They arrived with whatever
  they could carry on the plane and lived in a
  tent while they built their first building. 

  Now, 30 years later, New Missions has 27
  churches,  27 elementary schools, a high
  school, a Bible College, a Business School
  and a Medical Clinic.  They provide food and
  clothing for the 10,000 children who attend
  their schools across the Leogane Plain
  of Haiti. 

  New Missions has additionally established
  churches and schools in the Dominican
  Republic which is also located on the
  island of Hispaniola.

  Christ Life Center supports this out-
  standing ministry that continually works
  to bring hope to the people of Haiti and
  the Dominican Republic. 

  Pastor Rick
Patterson has traveled
  numerous times to both Haiti and the
  Dominican Republic supporting and
  participating in the work of New Missions.

  Click here to see how you can contribute
  to New Missions.


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