Christ Life Center


Christ Life Center exists to lead and teach
people how to awaken to the Christ Life within.

 You are MORE than your body.
You are MORE than the limitations of your body.
You are MORE than the limitations of your current beliefs.

  Welcome to Christ Life Center.  We are a church community focused on
  embracing the Life of Christ.  We are learning how to live our lives with a
  greater purpose, creating a new sense of Spirit awareness.

  As we come away from the busyness of life to a place of quietness, we
  experience Him.  Through prayer and meditation, we tap into this Source
  of Inner Life to know His love, His peace, and His power.

  Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, a follower of Christ, or simply
  an observer, you are welcome at Christ Life Center.


Our mission is to present the truths
of the Bible in a contemporary and 
meaningful way.  We are committed
to teaching the realities of the whole man:  Body/Mind/Spirit. 


With the awareness of His Life within,
it is our vision, just as Christ did, to
release His love and healing to a hurting


Sunday Mornings at 10:47 am
School Auditorium
Riviera Preparatory School
9775 SW 87 Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33176

Contact: 305 984-8477
             PO Box 565490
             Miami, Fl. 33256

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